Pom-Pom Mod ( Ivabra pen mod v2)

Name : Pom-pom Mod

Creator : Taeko

Length : 21cm

Weight : 20g

–  Outsert : No

– Weblink : FPSB

Difficulty : Hard

Pens :

-2 Dong_A computer sign pen (barrel, Backcap)
-2 Pilot Dr.grip (Grip, Tip)
-2 Dong_A anyball (Grip)

Price mod : About 15-20$.

Tutorial :

1- Empty one of your donga barrel. Cut it from the front (don’t count the plastic tip) to 6cm. (x2)

2- Take the back part of this donga and cut it from the back to 2.9cm.  (x2)

3- Take your DGG (drgrip grip) and cut it from the lip to 3.5 cm. (x2)

4- Put upside down your DGT (drgrip tip) into the DGG from the lip. (x2)

5- Put the whole anyball grip above the DGG  (x2)

6- With the 2.9cm donga part, backcap side emerging to the right :

7- Put grips on 2.9cm donga parts  (x2)

8- Take one of your donga backplug and cut the biggest part.

9- Use the small barrel from the backplug as connector for the other side of the mod :

Comment : You just have to change donga barrel to supertip barrel to make Ivabra pen mod v2.

Mod DoS génial si vous êtes amateur de Hard-Trickset de Wipers, avec une grande surface spinnable (12cm). De plus, le corps de dong_A n’est pas trop gros. Nous avons ici une utilisation du grip de Dr.grip peu commune, et c’est ce qui m’a plu.

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