G-Mod V2

 Name : G-Mod V2

Creator :. Gibki

Length : 20cm

Weight :  Medium / Heavy

Insert / Outsert : No

Weblink :. G-Mod V2 (UPSB)

Modding : Easy

Pens :

-2 Superpirat (2 barrel)
-2 Airfits  (2 tips)
-1 Bic Round Stic
Price mod : About 10€

Tutorial :


1- Empty your superpirats.

2- Cut 2 parts of one of your barrels to 2.9cm, twice. Cut 4 parts of round stic, 1cm each.

3- Put Airfits tips on bic parts. Put iton 2.9cm part of superpirat.  (x2)

4-Assemble it as an Ivan mod with the bic parts. Add some grips

Commentaire : A nice kind of Ivan mod for small hands.

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